About Us

Do-It-Yourself Online Auctions:

MBIDZ offers do-it-yourself online auctions. If you are a seller located within the State of Michigan, and you are looking to sell something at the best price possible, you can save yourself some time and money by selling online - directly to our existing client base.

If selling via eBay sounds good to you, but the shipping fees tend to take too much of your possible profit, then selling via our web site is for you. 

Our software platform allows you to use any PC, MAC, or mobile device to photograph and list your own items, at your own pace, at your own price, and during any time of the day or night. Listing your own items at your leisure even allows you to choose your own start time and end time - so that you can maximize your profit by choosing the times when you feel that your potential buyers will be browsing.

Your potential buyer can shop our web site 24 hours a day on any device, closes the deal by making payment online directly to you and then picks-up the item from you in person or you can choose to ship the item to your buyer once the payment has completed.

That's the do-it-yourself process - Simple, easy, money...with minimal work on your end.

Forget about trying to figure the value of an item, yardsale hagglers, endless Facebook posts and questions, Craigslist creepies, or donating for a worthless tax receipt that you cannot use.  Selling directly on MBIDZ can put some actual money in your hand - quickly and easily while also keeping your unwanted items out of the landfill.

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